Health Law

The focus of our Health Law practice is to help our clients access health care and community services.

Home Care Services & CCAC

In Ontario, services are available to provide care for individuals in their homes or within their communities. The Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) program is the largest home care service program funded by the province of Ontario. CCACs provide professional services, personal support services and homemaking services.

The Home Care and Community Services Act, 1994 sets out the rights of care recipients, defines the scope of services and addresses complaints and appeals.  Regulation 386/99 under the Act sets out the eligibility criteria for CCAC services and defines the maximum levels of professional, personal support, and homemaking services that can be provided to an individual.

At PooranLaw, we can help you make an application to receive home care services. We can also help you appeal decisions regarding your home care services, particularly if you think you are not being given the right kind of service, you think you need more service than what you are getting, or if your services were changed, cutback or stopped.